Who are our patients ?

The patients of our dental offices generally are the inhabitants of the city of Arad and the localities of Arad county, as well from the neighbour counties (Bihor, Caraş-Severin, Hunedoara, Timiş, etc.)

A large number of citizens established or working in the E.U. countries (Austria, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, etc.) as well from Australia, Canada, Israel, USA, regularly and confidently use our dental treatments.

Important information for the patients:

Children (up to 18 years): can be accepted for treatment if one or more members of their families are patients of our dental offices.

Retired persons: can receive fiscal documents for CARP (The House of  Mutual Help for Retired Persons) on demand, if they are members, for partial contractual reimbursement of prosthetic restorations costs.

E.U citizens: can receive fiscal / dental documents on demand, for the social health insurance systems in E.U. countries who recognize, approve and reimburse the dental treatments realized in other E.U. countries, such as Romania.

Emergencies: our dental offices solve the dental emergencies cases according to the possibilities given by the prior scheduled  patients. We request patience from the persons with emergency      

Compulsory documents for starting a dental treatment (Download)

- Acordul pacientului informat 2023 (de completat si semnat)
- Chestionar stare generala sănătate + Consimțămint P.D.C.P. 2023 (de completat și semnat)
- Regulament ordine interioara pacienți 2022 (de însușit si respectat)

Optional documents for the general information of patients

- Poster for the patients in the waiting room
- Informal note for patients about the processing of the private dates
- Important informations about dental X-ray

Facilities for patients

A story of prevention for children

Facilities for our patients

Hotel accomodation for our pacients

The new software of data records


In late October 2013 has been installed and put into operation the new software of data records for Associated Dental Offices AF Stoma "2D", which replaced the old program that has been operating for 20 years.

Before we refer to the current program Stoma eXactonly would be unfair not to briefly refer to the previous one. At the beginning of 1993, after the first year of private activity it became evident the need to simplify and streamline the medical and financial records of the dental office. In the spring and summer of 1993, I analyzed all the requirements and the architecture of the recording software, designed by Eng. George Petrov, then an associate at the Test your Computer Technology firm. The Stoma PC software has been implemented since October 1993, AF Stoma 2D becoming the first dental office in the country that has been computerized.

At that time there were no Windows, fonts, folders, mouse, CD burner, etc. and yet the program written in DBase functioned more than satisfactory in the years that followed. During this period it was promoted in neighboring counties and presented at the R.D.A.L.P. (Romanian Dental Association of Liberal Practitioners) annual Congress from 1995. The positive results of using this program soon became evident, eliminating medical and financial forms traditionally written by hand ( by printing those issued by the PC) we saved 10% of the working day in the office (at 7 hours of work hours over 40 minutes !). These excellent results were published in two scientific articles written by the dentist of our dental office, entitled "The computer in dentistry” in two issues of the magazine “Art of Dentistry “of R.D.A.L.P.

Meanwhile, the evolution of computer science has led to the apparition of increasingly competitive PCs: 486, 586, Pentium I, Pentium II , III, and so on, all accompanied by the developments of Microsoft : Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, both configurations hard and software being the object of successive investments in IT for our dental office.

Inevitably, since 1996 the old program PC Stoma had to be made ​​compatible regularly with the new hardware and software features suffering successive and numerous conversions (the Fox for Windows, Visual Studio, etc.) that gradually and progressively limited the full operation of all existing applications. Moreover, annually in every January it was necessary for certain programs to be constantly modified and adapted...

Since 2012 we started searching the IT market for different dental programs to purchase, but unfortunately no offer did meet our expectations and requirements resulting from 20 years of extensive experience in the daily operation. Finally, in 2012 when we purchased a new PC with high performance having Windows 7 installed, the utilization of the Stoma for Windows which met the venerable age of 20 years old has become extremely hard and exhausting for the entire staff, becoming evident the need for renewals. For these reasons in March 2013 we began a highly effective collaboration with engineer Tiberiu Horvath, director of SC eXactonly SRL to achieve a package of applications that meet both the needs of our dental office and of the new regulations and legislation in line with the new IT facilities. From May 2013 we started on one side to correct the errors of the previous records, on the other hand taking over all data from 1993 to 2013 from the old program. In August and September the dentists as well as the nurses from the dental office made many tests of various applications, under different conditions and after various scenarios. Finally, in late October 2013, the final version of the Stoma eXactonly made in the SQL system has been installed on the PC from the dental office and the records in the old program was suspended.

The new software has many beneficial applications for all participants in the medical act, both registered patients and medical staff who are operating the system. In terms of dentistry regulations of R.C.D.P. (Romanian Collegiums of Dental Physicians, which governs the profession) in the program there are updated mandatory charts of the Informed consent of the patient and The general health questionnaire. Medical data from the Questionnaire filled and signed by the patient is recorded in the Medical History section, so when the file of each patient is open we can instantly see his possible general diseases, that the dentist requires permanently to determine the most appropriate treatment plan, be it global or per tooth.

For Associated Dental Offices AF Stoma "2D", the main database is the list of registered patients in the dental office that can be ordered alphabetically or numerically, having an extremely easy search . The following two databases are equally important for a fast and reliable service: dental diagnostics list, grouped by specific categories (prevention, dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, emergency, prosthetics, oral- maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, etc.) and the list of specialized treatments practiced by our dental offices (ordered by the same criteria).

The new program Stoma eXactonly has also a database with some medicine recommended by dentists that can be found in pharmacies that can be so easy selected for a custom listing for recipes. The database with the medicines from the R.C.D.P. emergency kit for general diseases includes in premiere the warranty term, so any expiry date displays on useful time on the monitor for replenishment. For each patient at the beginning, during or / and at the end of the treatments it can be printed on a voluntary basis the following specific medical forms: a referral, a medical certificate, a prescription, the dental chart, the prosthetic laboratory chart (dental office / technician) and so on. A new application consists in the possibility of listing the post-treatment recommendations, after some important treatment that requires the patient's medical education, such as coronal reconstructions, root canal treatment, extractions, cementing fixed prothetics or the application of semimobile / mobile prothetics, and so on.

Not less important are financial applications regulated by the Tax Code , the printing of receipts, optionally the invoices, the making and the printing of the daily Ledger of the income and the payments, the program being designed for individuals tax payers, as most dental offices are.

A great practical importance for the user (dentist or nurse) it is the application to view, check and correct any data records (respectively identified diagnoses, treatments made and costs incurred) before saving, respectively printing any records. The rate of satisfaction of current users (dental staff of the office) is particularly high after a few months of use; the entire dental staff at our dental office can say that the new software is working fluidly, easy and friendly, everything working extremely fast, logical and functional. During the months of operation were needed very few corrections related to unimagined situations during testing (patients without CNP, the length of phrases, additional prints) have been made extremely easy thanks to the professionalism and timeliness of the author.

In early 2014, following discussions with the engineer Tiberiu Horvath we had imagined and planned to improve the existing program by designing and adding specific dental applications and financial statistics, with which we can analyze and exploit data and important aspects of dental diseases that we treat in the Associated Dental Offices AF Stoma "2D".

We believe that the new package of the applications Stoma eXactonly brings more quality and professionalism of our entire dental activities, by order, safety, transparency and feedback for both health care professionals and for our patients. The access to information about dental treatments that the dentists of the dental office have performed and recorded on the PC since October 1993 (personal dental history) enables anytime significant assessments both for each patient in treatment and for each one of his tooth.

Dr. Svetlana David             Dr. Voicu A. David