Manufacturers of dental equipments

Anthos, Biolase, Cattani, Cominox, Degussa, Durr, Gnatus, KaVo, Kerr, Lares, Mectron, Ritter, W&H, Zeiss;

Manufacturers of dental tools

Carl Martin, Edenta, Edwards, Kerr, Humi, Maillefer, Mani, Medesy, Meisinger, NTI-Kahla, SS White, Walser;

Manufacturers of dental materials

Bausch, Bayer, Busch, Colgate, Coltene, Dentsply, Du Pont, GC, Hawe, Heraeus, Kerr, Nordiska, PD, Pentron, Roeko, Septodont, Spofa, Swedent, Topdent, Ultradent, Vita, Voco, Wrigley, Zhermack, 3M Espe;

Manufacturers of general devices

Beretta, Fuji, Holdmann, HP, Kodak, LG, Mepa, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Toyota, Whirlpool;

Dental dealers / dental depots:

S.C. Macrinus S.R.L.
S.C. Dentotal Protect S.R.L.
S.C. Doriot Dent S.R.L.
S.C. Edwards S.R.L.
S.C. Medica M3 S.R.L.
S.C. Sitea S.R.L.

Different providers for the dental office:

Allianz Ţiriac Asigurări S.A. – inssurances  for dental staff and devices
HIGP & Asociații SCA – legal consultings
CMI dr. Mirela F. Hajdu – physicians for employed staff
S.C. Stericycle S.R.L. – neutralisation of medical wastes S.C. Allenco S.R.L. – regularly maintenance of dental devices
S.C. General AHA 2005 S.R.L. – pest control services
S.C. Derom Dental International S.R.L. – radiology software, scanoraLite 3.2.6 and scanora 5.2.6.
S.C. Exactonly S.R.L. – design and software of the dental data
S.C. Icetech Company S.R.L –  web development/ hosting the web page
S.C. Maxtherm S.R.L. – maintenance of heating systems
S.C. Top Security Service – surveillance and protection of the office
S.C. Medical XRay S.R.L. –  professional dental X rays
S.C. Wittenberger S.R.L. – professional dental X rays
S.C. Zepotech – Hardware: supply and maintenance
S.C. Alpego - Elvira S.R.L. – work security & fire security
 Anamaria Capotescu  – typewriter and translator in english



In Memoriam Anamaria Capotescu

Anamaria Alexandra Capotescu (1973, January,13 - 2017, January, 7) graduated The Law Faculty of “Babes – Bolyai” University in Cluj. Between 2004 - 2017 she worked for the Romanian Dental Association of Private Practitioners. She was a registered donor in the Romanian National Organ Transplant Program. She cease to be unexpectedly just one week before her 44th celebration.

Ana was employed by the association in 2004 after being ranked first from a group of 7 applicants. In the first years she worked as a secretary of Banat Regional Branch of the association and then as a competent executive director, simultaneously fulfilling both her stressful duties and the responsibilities of the RDAPP president’s secretary. She contributed substantially to the achievements of one of the peak years of the association. Two of the most important events organized are the 2004 Plenary Session of the European Regional Organization of FDI in Bucharest as well the winning of the general national elections for CMDR 2004. Subsequently more than 50% of the delegates to the National General Assembly of the CMDR were elected members of RDAPP and 4 out of the 5 members of the National Executive Board of CMDR were elected members of the RDAPP.

As far as the complexly structured department activity at the headquarters of the RDAPP is concerned, she conceived and supervised many of the most important documents, the correspondence with MS, CNASS, CMDR, partnership associations, regional branches, the RDAPP president’s yearly reports, etc. She was a member of the secretarial department of RDAPP National General Assembly and International Scientific Congresses of RDAPP, carrying out different tasks, such as the proof – reading of the Congress Programme, the achieving of the RDAPP promoting materials for CMDR elections and the presentation in Power Point of numerous other reports for NGA.

She competently translated into English all the documentation for different international organizations such as FDI, ERO - FDI, The ERO FDI “Liberal Dental Practice in Europe” Working Group, DLC–EU modified in CED-EU, all these being international associations in which RDAPP is or was a member of, for professional organizations in other countries, foreign lecturers, sponsors, advertising suppliers, etc.

Another permanent and important area was her activity as an editorial secretary of the RDAPP publications, QUO VADIS National Newsletter and VIAȚA STOMATOLOGICĂ magazine . These appeared in 6 issues /year until 2010 and 4/ year since. Each time it was Ana who collected in time, compiled and fully proof – read the authors’ expert or scientific articles, checked the pictures, configured each page, page order, summary, etc. There are few people who know that each number of the magazine was subjected to 4–5 particularly demanding assessments of successive editorial options until Ana considered it "good for printing". She also provided the Romanian version of the FDI Declaration, the FDI Dental Ethics Manual, different scientific articles by foreign authors, etc. In 2010 she conceived and upgraded the online magazine, .

She also worked hard and incessantly for the RDAPP Banat Regional Branch, wholeheartedly helping the organization of the 2 successive headquarters and was a member of all committees in the traditionally scientific manifestations of the Banat Regional Branch during ARMEDICA exhibition held yearly and in most EMC county courses with highly appreciated lecturers were invited and interesting topics were debated. She statutory organized all the General Regional Assemblies of the Banat Regional Branch either carrying out or proof – reading the presidents and departments activity reports, the correspondence with other county subsidiaries, etc.

In the first years she achieved the Banat Regional Branch Newsletters and beginning with 2010 she also conceived and provided material for the richBanat Regional Branch site,

In her private life she was a passionate movie fan and had her own collection of thousands of films translated in Romanian.. She loved cats and had 3 of her own. In 2016 she dedicated much of her free time to carrying out the difficult private bilingual project "Medicine 112 Years Ago in Transylvania, The Book of Health, 1904" that can be accessed and watched on

In the 13 years she worked for the association Ana identified herself with RDAPP , wholeheartedly participating in all its joys, victories, troubles, like a genuine member of a large family sharing the same common dreams. Many and important achievements of the RDAPP headquarters and of the Banat Regional Branch would not have been possible without her expertise and dedication. In my capacity of a president of RDAPP for 3 mandates I also testify that I would not have been able to achieve so much without Ana.

I am sure that for Narcisa, Maria, Luciana, Horia, Gyuri, Vlad, Mihai, Stefan, Ileana, Carmen, Dan, Andreea, Sanda, Teo, Diana, Nicoleta, Ameda, for all RDAPP members who have known her, her disappearance is an irreplaceable loss .

We shall never forget her.

Dr. Voicu A. David

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