For our patients who suffer of advanced, chronic, special dental diseases, our dental offices cooperate with specialized dentists with great experience in their specializations and recognized professional value.

Orthodontic specialist dr. Vasica Floare (Arad)
Orthodontic specialist dr. Namroud Abdalla (Timișoara)

-Oro-maxillo-facial surgery:
OMF surgery specialist professor dr. Marius Pricop (Timișoara)
dr. Silvia Eugenia Stana (Arad)

Periodontology specialist professor dr. Ioan Ștefan Stratul (Timișoara)

-Endodontics with special devices:
Dr. Simona Aiordăchioaie (Arad)
dr. Andrea Tudoran (Arad)

-Microscope dentistry:
professor dr. Ioan Ștefan Stratul (Timișoara)
dr. Andreea Tudoran (Arad)
Dr. Vasile Dehelean (Arad)

-Oral surgery:
dr. Iulian Tîrcă (Arad)
dr. Alexandru Todor (Arad)


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