Who are our patients ?

The patients of our dental offices generally are the inhabitants of the city of Arad and the localities of Arad county, as well from the neighbour counties (Bihor, Caraş-Severin, Hunedoara, Timiş, etc.)

A large number of citizens established or working in the E.U. countries (Austria, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, etc.) as well from Australia, Canada, Israel, USA, regularly and confidently use our dental treatments.

Important information for the patients:

Children (up to 18 years): can be accepted for treatment if one or more members of their families are patients of our dental offices.

Retired persons: can receive fiscal documents for CARP (The House of  Mutual Help for Retired Persons) on demand, if they are members, for partial contractual reimbursement of prosthetic restorations costs.

E.U citizens: can receive fiscal / dental documents on demand, for the social health insurance systems in E.U. countries who recognize, approve and reimburse the dental treatments realized in other E.U. countries, such as Romania.

Emergencies: our dental offices solve the dental emergencies cases according to the possibilities given by the prior scheduled  patients. We request patience from the persons with emergency      

Compulsory documents for starting a dental treatment (Download)

- The informed consent of the patient 2020 (to fill and sign)
- The questionnaire of general health status 2020 (to fill and sign)
- Regulation of inside order. Chapter 2. Patients (to adopt and respect)
- The informed consent of the patient for endodontic treatment (to fill and sign)

Optional documents for the general information of patients

- Dental offices schedule
- Poster for the patients in the waiting room
- Informal note for patients about the processing of the private dates
- Important informations about dental X-ray

Facilities for patients

A story of prevention for children

Facilities for our patients

Hotel accomodation for our pacients

The new software of data records