STOMA “2D”, the last 10 years

STOMA “2D”, the last 10 years

Every year former patients return to our dental offices for different new treatments, most of them having had their teeth problems solved 10, 15, 20, 25 and even more years before. We have often wondered whether these patients know what has happened in our dental offices lately, and how we could inform them as briefly and efficiently as possible.

That is why we give a short description of activities and evolutions in our dental offices over the past 10 years.

1.  In January 2008 the opening of the dental office on the top floor (fully equipped in the previous year);

2.  Since 2008 we introduce the important R.C.D.P. form, Questionnaire of General Health Status of the Patient;

3.  Since 2009 we started the collaboration for minor dental surgery treatments with Dr. Alexandru Todor;

4.  Since 2010 we create the new site to inform our patients and other interested people;

5.  Since 2011, we installed ScanaraLite 3.2.6 software for reading/processing the digital Xrays of MedXray Centre;

6.  Since 2012 we completed MedRightExpert course and we equipped with a new PC supplied by Zepotech Co.;

7.  Since 2013 we realise new STOMA registration software with eXactonly Company (updating 1993 - 2013 data);

8.  Since 2014 we started the collaboration with Dr. Andreea Tudoran for performant endodontic treatments;

9.  Since 2015 we collaborate with dental technician Josef Bodo 9. (studies in Koln and 20 working years in Germany);

10.  Since 2015 we optimize R.C.D.P Informed Consent of the Patient cu asistente Torcoș Gabriela & Lazăr Gela;

11.  Since 2016 we started the collaboration for performant endodontic treatments with Dr. Ramona Diana Glovac;

12.  Since 2016 we installed Scanora 5.2.6. software for storing/complex processing digital Xrays of MedXray Centre;

13.  Since 2016 we installed a new PC server for data & images network between our dental offices by Zepotech Co.

14.  Since 2017 we realised the new statistical software connected to the STOMA software with eXactonly Co.;

15.  Since 2018 we started the collaboration for oral surgery and implantology treatments with Dr. Arleziana Stan;

16.  Since 2018 we have new schedules for dental offices, adapting the cleaning,disinfection & sterilization accordingly;

Over the past decade we benefitted from the new methods and IT technologies which we did not have 10 years before. At present, we have not only the possibility of offering to patients the experience of our collaborators in very specialized areas of dentistry, but also new treatments for different severe pathologies, thus saving more teeth than in the past.

The above–mentioned investments and collaborations have been achieved by both our passion for the profession and the will of providing our patients complex dental treatments performed by a highly-specialized team, to the extent that current dentistry knowledges permits and the individual biology or the acute or chronic diseases of the patients allow such treatments to be performed.

We cannot evaluate the number of patients treated by us between the years 1984-1992, registered by writing in different registers in Arad, Săveni, Beliu , Craiva, Pecica, Arad and Stoma „2D” since March 1992, the year of our first dental office inauguration.

However, what we know for sure is the number of the patients registered by the registration softwares of Stoma “2D” starting with 18th of October, 1993 to the 4th of March 2017, when was registered the patient with number 8,000.

Everything we have achieved so far has been done for maintaining our patients’ dental health, implicitly for the preservation of as many teeth on the arcades as possible, because the motto of our dental offices has been since the beginning

“Primum non nocere”
“First, do no harm”

    Dr. Svetlana David                  Dr. Voicu A David
    General dental practitioner             General dental practitioner




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General dental practitioner

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